Calming Scents & Accessories You Need to Know About  

Sometimes when things are particularly stressful, it can help to bring in reinforcements like a change in the atmosphere or accessories to help to soothe your mood. A calming scent, some relaxing music, or a gadget to settle your nerves are simple to put into place, but they can make a world of difference in how you feel. Here are some ideas to add to your stress-busting toolbox.  


Aromatherapy has become all the rage lately and with good reason. Scents can truly transform your mood. When you want to feel more Zen, there are a number of aromas that can transport you to a soothing place. Some to consider include lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine, bergamot, chamomile, and sage. There are various ways to bring these lovely smells to your environment. Candles, oil burners, and reed diffusers are some of the most common. Room deodorizers and car fresheners are also available for use on-the-go.  


Music is a great option for stress relief because you can add it to the background of many activities throughout your day. Music has a way of setting a desired mood. If you’re feeling sad or tired, an upbeat tune can energize you. When you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, soft and classical music is relaxing. Sometimes music can even help you to focus when you need to get something done. This may require some experimentation, as listening to music while working can have the opposite effect for some people.  


Light has an effect on mood. Bright lights can wake us up when we need a boost. Candlelight dinners are romantic. Dimmed lighting can also be quite calming. As can the morning light streaming in your window as the sun rises. Choosing the lighting fur your environment is an effective way to provide an immediate sense of peace. 

Accessories and Gadgets 

Finally, there are some accessories and gadgets on the market meant to help users to de-stress or calm down. A quick Google or Pinterest search can point you to many. There are weighted blankets meant to give the sensation of a hug or embrace. A fidget cube lets the user “fidget” or play with it in order to occupy their hands. Such stimulation is known to help with anxiety. You may already be familiar with “stress balls”, those squishy little balls you can hold in your hand and squeeze when you’re feeling stressed or angry. They’re a wonderful release. These are just a few examples. When doing your own research, look for trusted sites that provide customer reviews to guide your decision making. 

It’s nice to know you have to power to lessen your stress by changing your atmosphere or grabbing a gadget. I hope some of these suggestions will help to find calm in your time of need. 

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